From NATURE the crackled resonances

Alessandra Rehder, 30/08/2018


The series of works of art that Alessandra Rehder presents the exhibition structure itself as a singular and projective installation where the theme is Nature. The procedural developments in approaches that put forward the artist aim on the claim of the Nature of the spaces that we violently steal from it.
It suggests us the traffic through the halls of the architectural site that receives the exhibition; exhibition grounds that like a diagram dated places us, at a first glance, dreamlike and ludicrously with a frame designed by aesthetic arguments of contemplation and enjoyment of natural pleasure. A contemplative reconnection and evaluative of actions and consequently tonifying of senses.
The artist draws and builds visual manifests of natural transformation processes and/or induced by her in which it refers to what the Man activates in the natural environment. At the same time, as a result of this manipulation on these processes, she gives them back in particular aesthetic discourses with the aim of monitoring and report them. Since the natural matrix, it breaks through referential developments of human actions and responsibilities at the expense of life and survival in the world.
Rehder with her cutouts and registered textures, as in “Nepal”, which leads us to pictorial nourishment, or in “Pau Ferro” (Iron Wood), references to the beginning of the contemporary art installations, in the series “Orvalhos” (Dew), which supports the interdisciplinary connections between art and life and the cognitive potential of the artist or in the series “Fragmentos” (Fragments), cut glass that acts as metaphorical status to malleable procedural weakness of possible breaks in fragile and volatile relationship of humans and the natural environment. In the series “Todos os Olhos” (All Eyes) with survival relevance foresight and energy of the confidence in the future that children from various parts of the world, from the artist’s digital registry, shake the upward spiral of joy and confidence in a for coming of lights and clear colors, transparent, fragrant and harmonious in the universe.
 At the same time, in the various artistic contemporary modalities that Rehder explores and transports it to visual with abstract potential insistent manifests, the young artist utters, patents and vehemently denounces the urgency for us to act on preservation of Nature, individual commitment, since the art, with such urgency as well as the critical particular attitude to resolve these issues.

Andrés Hernández
Curator, professor, art reviewer and producer
São Paulo, Winter 2018

Alessandra Rehder

From NATURE the crackled resonances