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Andrea Rehder

São Paulo


Andrea Rehder Contemporary Art operates in the domestic and international markets of Art in emerging cultural environments of the economy of symbolic goods.
More than half a decade relating artistic with trajectories of different times and its recent productions, the latest trends of the contemporary scene. It has the essential partnership of Brazilian curators of international renown, as Eder Chiodetto, Emanoel Araújo, Fernando Cocchiarale, Katia Canton, Ricardo Resende, Roberto Bertani, Rafael Raddi and Tereza de Arruda. Promotes poetic route; is Art Fairs in artists in the country and abroad; conducts cultural exhibitions approaches institutions and various stakeholders and potential artists; all this and more in order to consolidate careers, produce economic sustainability and help spread Brazilian art on a global scale.

Engineering was your first route. Soon, she has acted as photographic art service agent. In 2010 she intensified its cultural achievement capacity with the inauguration of Gallery Parallelo, with a strong objective of strengthening relations between the Ibero-American art and Brazil; in which she promoted favorable scenarios the plurality of languages and studies developed by Brazilian artists, whether they were emerging or consolidated.
In follow-up, she signed the decision for the creation of Andrea Rehder Contemporary Art. The interested public, private and institutional collectors, artists and other investment partners in Art, a unique professional brand affirmation of life through Art. In addition to an enclosed area in the topography of the city, Andrea Rehder Contemporary Art entails being a relational space of convergences and artistic dialogues, whose focus is the poetic springs and continuous displacement.

Beginning this movement for its annual program, to be started in an unconventional place, in order to promote a closer relationship between artists, works, collectors, critics and the general public; Sporadic activity that intensifies the procession of exhibitions, lectures, and courses, giving visibility to partners, new forms of cultural occupation and inter-institutional relations.
All to contribute to the project to diversify and professionalize the art world in intense activity and proximity, either through shared resources, previously agreed, is developing cultural projects, the incentive laws; the highlight, the book launches focus on mega diversity of the planet, "Light of the Amazon forest." It is the contemporary art to drive the dissemination of cultural heritage of the Brazilian Amazon sponsored by Rouanet Law and also sponsored by BNP Paribas.