Thomas Baccaro

, 1975


Thomas Baccaro, 1975, started behind their artistic references in the family, his parents, Italian, Giuseppe Baccaro, famous art dealer and auctioneer in the 70s and 80s and his mother, Fiorella Giovagnoli, artist and owner of the legendary italian restaurant Da Fiorella, his stepfathers Hector Babenco film director and Mario Cravo Neto photographer.
Baccaro was born and raised between frames, prints, photographs, books, galleries, museums and artists. He has more than 42 exhibitions in his employment history, through a series of personal and professional experiences in recent years, where he developed an interest and respect for the photographic language.
Baccaro has worked in several photo studios, inside to the local advertising agencies such as DPZ and AlmapBBDO, and worked as personal assistant for important Brazilian photographers such as Mario Cravo Neto, Claudio Edinger, Thomas Susemihl, Manolo Moran, Marcelo Lerner and Silvio Pinhatti, among others.
Received consecutive awards; Istituzionale Forte Sangallo di Nettuno Contemporary Art 2012 (1st prize); " Prize Young Revelation" (1st prize) Museum Art Contemporary Americana, Sao Paulo 1998; Columnist North / Northeast in 2000 to 2008; ArtePadova 2012 Padova Italy, (3rd prize); CATS PRIZE - Contemporary Art Talent (2nd prize); RezArte PremioTricolore (1º prêmio) / Reggio Emilia - Italia 2014; Prize at Latin American Fotografía 3, 2014.
Important exhibitions example of "DEEP" and "NYSV" in São Paulo, "Migration Art" United Nations and "BETWEEN LIGHT AND SHADOW" in New York, support the IMIP Santander Cultural in 2009 Recife to 2015, Cordel Literature in Marseille , France 2005 Photo of Humanities in Montreal, in 1999.
Thomas prints its refinement over what may refer to spirituality, movement, range and time, always bringing the intensity of living elements elegantly balanced with a silent mind, and in the process of life, his innate instinct for quality cut is continuously visible from the constant honor for their family roots, their strong cultural context and socializing to the care and dedication by each work throughout the process of finalizing and finishing with a talent that is always evolving, persisting for peculiar beauty and distills its essence in results: that for which he always worked and every day becoming more mature.
In recent years it has been investing in international markets, executing works in Brazil, the United States and Europe