Rita Gaspar Vieira

Leiria, Portugal, 1976


Born in Leiria in 1976. Lives and works between Leiria and Lisbon. Studies Visual Arts in Belas Artes University College, at Lisbon University, where she got her bachelor in Visual Arts - Painting; the masters degree in Art Theories and the doctorate in Fine Arts - in the drawing speciallity.
In her work, she has been questioning the relation between daily practices, that consists in daily routines and the artistic procedure that those practices constitutes in work, considering the creative diference reached by the anticipation that those actions are fullfiled. In conjunction of these practices, the use of the water is decisive. Besides that, is recorring the production of a handmade cotton paper, that constitutes as genesis of her drawing and installations.
Exhibits regulary since circa 2000, having as intervention in public spaces the artwork SPM (in partnership with Nuno Sousa Vieira), at Jardim de Santo Agostinho, Leiria, realized in 2004. Highlights the following individual exhibitions: in 2018: A ver e dever - Project Room in Gal. Banco de Portugal, Leiria; Avessa - Gal. Belo Galsterer, Lisbon and Simpósio - Appleton Square Gallery, Lisbon (comissioned by Sérgio Fazenda Rodrigues); In 2017: Trabalho do Lado - Shirley Paes Leme Studio, São Paulo, Brasil; In 2016: Murmúrio da Semelhança - Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações / Gal. Bessa Pereira, Lisbon and Voyage autour de ma chambre - Projeto Q22, Colégio das Artes, Coimbra and in 2014: Marca D'Água #1 - Projeto digital para Empty Cube (comissioned by João Silvério); Linha D'Água - Santa Clara-a-velha Museum, Cíclo Espelho, Coimbra (comissioned by Andreia Poças).
Her work is represented in institutional collections as PLMJ Collection and many other private collections.