Flavio Samelo



Since 1992, Flavio Samelo walks around the streets of São Paulo photographing skateboarders. Some of them were also graffiti artists and other taggers that ended inviting Samelo, as he is known, to photograph the graffiti and the tags also in the city's streets. This was the beginning to a lot for the photographer that ended in street's art, just like he ended in photography. This other production took Samelo to introduce in his skate photographies, the graffitis, tags and other urban elements that called the atention at the skate sessions and his differential during the start of his photos.

After graduating as a Communicologist and working as a Art Director, Photographer, Editor, Illustrator for brazilian and international skate magazines, besides collaborating with magazines of other subjects, like Revista da MTV, Folha de São Paulo, Rolling Stone, Adbusters, among others, for 6 years. In 2006, launched a signed sneaker model, by NIKE SB in Brazil, which became collector's item in the whole world. Soon after, Samelo decided to go back to studies and did a post-graduation in Art's History, where he found out, among many references, the paulistas (São Paulo residents) concrete artists of the 50s and their researches and studies about photography, shapes and colors.

It was a new start to a new production. Since then, his works started to, each time more, a search for a plastic and graphic result, that combines the urban photographies with the theories and the visual research on concrete art that pleased him and artists like Geraldo de Barros e Anatol Wladislaw became a reference in his researches.

Today, Samelo has two starting points: The photographic production, where all the photos come in one edition, making them uncontestably original, as his paintings and panels, has been searching a new way to mix photography with concrete painting that has been producing, uing photos as painting base, transcending photography's limits using shapes, colors and lines, giving a new graphic reality to his photographies. Those works were already exhibited in auctions and galeries in São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Goiânia and outside Brazil. Also participated in the 5ª Bienal Vento Sul, in Curitiba, with a room to his piece.

Today is the Photography Editor in the "Vista Skateboard Art" magazine and is the photographer/presenter in the brazilian tv show "Pela Rua", that airs everyday in "Canal OFF" channel, brazilian cable tv produced by Globosat.

- His pieces appears in collections as "Coleção Cisneros" (USA/Venezuela) and "Coleção Dulce João Carlos Figueiredo Ferraz (São Paulo, Brazil)

Flavio Samelo