Eneida Sanches



Began her art studies at Escola de Arte da Bahia, at 6 years old. Studied architecture, from 1980 to 1990 and, simultaneously, Fine Arts at Universidade Federal da Bahia. Starting from 1990, begans to research the african aesthetic and afro-brazilian. Starts studies of engraving in metal at workshops of Modern Art Museum of Bahia, from 1995 to 2000, exposing in 1992 to 2000 in museums and galleries from NY with tools of liturgical use, from Yorubá candomblé. Presented works related to the theme Transe that conducted experiments around engraving, transforming them in objects and setups. In 2007, received the award of XXIV Salão de Artes MAM Bahia and participated in residence at Holland. Starting from 2011, she reunited engraving and video-art, throught the Transe - Deslocamento de Dimensões series, in collab with the photographer and vídeo maker Tracy Collins (NY). In 2013, has her work published at the nigerian magazine of contemporary art N/Paradoxa (Bisi Silva) with text from Solange Farkas and expose the instalation Transe (video instalation) at Festival Internacional Vídeo Brasil 2013 - SP. Was indicated at Prêmio Pipa 2014, same year where she was selected for art residence ar NAFASI Art Space in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Creator and general coordinator from Mostra Circuito das Artes, that reunites artists from Bahia and triangulations that articulates from Bahia, Brasília, Pernambuco, Pará, Alagoas, Goiás and Ceará.