Alessandra Rehder

São Paulo, 1989


Alessandra Rehder was born in São Paulo (1989).
Graduated in Photography, 2011, at the Institute SPEOS - Paris; always interested in the image and the techniques necessary to create them, she uses them to structure her work as a professional photographer and contemporary artist. Starts her first photographic projects living in different underprivileged communities in Asia. She created World Wide Women in Paris, a company aimed to promoting the differentiated work of young international photographers, and shows her work for the first time in  "A Wanderer's Eyes" exhibition. 
Visual researches in countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Mexico, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, China, Japan, India, Jamaica, Turkey, Bhutan, Nepal, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania , South Africa are part of her extensive work itinerary, where the nomadism of her eyes generates records in low HDI communities. Her camera also turned to nature, focusing on environmental issues that also afflict contemporary man. Alessandra sets a counterpoint to the set of concerns about the devastation of the environment.

Among her researches, in 2014 Alessandra delves into biodiversity and understands the threat of the existence of corals responsible for marine life, the cause of acidification of marine waters resulting from global warming.
She professionalized and intensified her photographic work on the great coral reefs, such as the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea have been the focus of her continuous underwater research.

Alessandra Rehder, despite her young age, explores and articulates in her creative process several modalities of contemporary art. Initially known for her research and developments in photography, the artist's production is incongruous for an absolute definition of a technique or material and sensory support by inserting a multiple spectrum of possibilities and interpretations. Rehder converts her productive research into visual manifests of appropriation and references for discussion and awareness by problematizing solid issues about contemporary art and social behavior in a directionless way.

?She resided in Paris and London until 2017 and currently settles between Brazil and other countries through her constant photographic research.

Alessandra Rehder

Exposição: Da Natureza: Ressonâncias craqueladas - CCRJ